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  • kids escape room

    Spy Escape Room - Erin on Jul, 2022

    Such a fun instant download. My 9 year old daughter and her friend had a great time solving the clues to find the treasure. It look them about an hour & even though I was there to help, they never needed me. They solved everything on their own. I marked 5 stars for shipping, but it was an instant download and print, so that’s as fast as you can get, right? I am printing another today. Thank you!

  • harry potter escape room baby shower

    Wizard Escape Room - Radhika on May 17, 2022

    This was amazing! You can really control the difficulty of the game by hiding the puzzles and clues or even locking them so there are additional locks to open! I organised this game for a friend's baby shower and complimented it with props, additional locks, themed decor and prizes on winning the game - and it was JUST PERFECT! Thank you so much! Highly recommend this!

  • Birthday Escape Room - Sara Holmes May 1, 2021

    This was the perfect activity for my daughters 10th birthday! My husband and I had to come up with a few rhymes to help them discover one or two of the clues, but everyone commented how fun this activity was!!! This was a great compliment—- especially since my husband and I have never done an escape room! Hahaha Great product, I will definitely come back for more escape rooms! ❤️

  • wizard escape room

    Wizard Escape Room - Michelle on Feb 26, 2022

    My daughter and her friends absolutely LOVED this!!!! Easy to set up. Challenging to complete (in a good way) great way for my Griffendor to celebrate her 11th birthday.

  • christmas escape room

    Christmas Escape Room- Ethipos on Jan 8, 2022

    The was really great! I modified the game to suit my purpose, the elf locked all the Christmas loot behind a door and everyone had to find the clues to unlock it. Lots of fun!

  • Thanksgiving Family Feud - Johnna Hose 26 nov 2021

    This game is great. Downloaded it the morning of our Thanksgiving Dinner. I had a question and Maria got back to me immediately. We played the game as a family. I was able to mirror the game onto our TV. The questions and answers were great and the sound effects were brilliant!!

  • Christmas Escape Room - Vicky on Dec 3, 2020

    It was an amazing night! We did it with our 12 & 14 year olds and it was a hit! The puzzles were challenging enough. Love, the graphics. We will definitely be trying
    another one. Thank you!

  • Thanksgiving Escape Room - Michael D Lewis Nov 27, 2021

    My teenage nephews and thirty something daughter had so much fun with this. I truly think it made their Thanksgiving! Thank you! Will definitely be buying more!

  • family feud

    Family Friendly Feud - Amani on Feb 19, 2022

    I bought these on yesterday and used one in my firearms safety class today and it was an ABSOLUTE hit!!!!!


  • Land of Sweets Escape Room - Lindsay Feb 5, 2023

    Perfect for our daughter’s tenth bday! Kept everyone entertained. Great tips in the instructions. Thank you!!

  • Virus Outbreak Escape Room - Tara April 14, 2023

    I was looking for a fun, creative and different birthday idea for my daughters 12th birthday. This was IT! I chose the lab theme and went with it, I set up an entire room to look like a lab and set out each “station” of questions to solve the mystery. I printed the kit at staples and after cutting everything out, I glued each piece to poster board to make it thicker and able to use again. My husband and I played it before the party to make sure it would be done correctly and I was stumped on one, I contacted the shop and the response from her was great and super fast. The party was a hit, everyone loved it and had a lot of fun, we are going to order another theme set and do one with our adult friends. Highly recommend for a fun night in!

  • Thanksgiving Family Feud - Elsa Feb 8, 2022

    Quality was great! My co-workers and I had a TEAMSGIVING and we really enjoyed playing this trivia game!