The Ultimate Wizard School Escape Game Kit

Wizard School Escape Game Kit

Transform Your Home into a Mystical Academy with the Wizard School Escape Game Kit

This engaging, fun-filled kit lets you step into a world of magic and mystery. Whether you're a devoted fan of wizarding tales or looking for a creative way to entertain, this escape room kit is your gateway to a magical adventure.

Creating a Wizard School Adventure at Home

Dive into the fantasy of wizard schools with our easy-to-setup escape game kit. Here’s why it’s the perfect activity for any wizarding fan looking to host an unforgettable event.

Ideal for Any Occasion

From birthday parties to baby showers, and from school events to simple family game nights, our Discover the magic of our Wizard School Escape Game, the perfect addition to any gathering or event. Our game kit includes everything you need to transform your space into a mystical escape room, complete with printable puzzles, decorations, and ambient music. Ideal for fans of all ages, elevate your next party with an unforgettable wizard-themed adventure. Kit is versatile enough to enchant any gathering. Its adaptability makes it a favorite for events of all kinds, especially themed parties where a touch of magic is required.

Fun for All Ages

This game isn't just for kids. It's designed for anyone aged 10 and up, making it an ideal choice for families and friends of varying ages. The best part? You can customize the difficulty of the puzzles to suit the age and skill level of different players, ensuring that everyone from the most casual participants to puzzle enthusiasts has a fantastic time.

Inside the Wizard School Escape Game Kit

  • Printable Games and Decorations: Transform your chosen room with themed decorations and games, all designed to be printed at home.
  • Clues and Puzzles: Engage your guests with a variety of puzzles that challenge their wizarding wits.
  • Hints and Solutions: Never get stuck on a puzzle for too long with helpful hints and clear solutions included in the kit.
  • Magical Music: Set the atmosphere with included soundtracks that immerse players in the wizarding world.

Setting Up Your Home Escape Room

  1. Select Your Venue: Any room can become a mystical classroom or a secret chamber. Pick a space where you can decorate and play uninterrupted.
  2. Prepare the Materials: Print out the decorations, clues, and game instructions from the kit.
  3. Arrange the Clues: Hide the clues around the room based on the players' age and experience to keep the game challenging yet enjoyable.
  4. Decorate for Ambiance: Use the decorations from the kit and any additional props you like to fully transform the space into a wizarding realm.
  5. Initiate the Players: Give a brief introduction to the story and explain the rules before the game begins to ensure everyone is engaged and ready.

Tips for Hosting Your Magical Escape Room

  • Send Themed Invitations: Create excitement with invitations that match the magical theme.
  • Dress Up: Encourage guests to wear costumes representing their favorite magical characters or schools.
  • Serve Thematic Refreshments: Enhance the experience with snacks and drinks that would be found at a wizarding feast.
  • Capture the Memories: Set up a themed photo area where guests can take pictures in their costumes with magical props.


The Wizard School Escape Game Kit offers more than just a game; it provides an immersive experience that brings the magic of wizard schools into your home. It's perfect for fans of all things magical and those looking to add a unique twist to their gatherings. Prepare to enchant your guests and create lasting memories with a game night they'll never forget.

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