How to create an Escape Room Step by Step

How to create an Escape Room Step by Step

1º - To create a Real Escape Room Experience the first thing to do is to choose a theme that you like, create a story in which you have to accomplish a mission in less than an hour. Spy, Bomb, Lab, Wizard etc.

2º - Once you have a clear idea of the theme, you must choose the place where they will play. It is recommended that the place where they will play has some furniture to hide the objects of the game.

3º - How to choose the materials for the game: to create a Real Experience Escape Room you always need boxes and locks.  But it is easier than it seems to get them without spending money. The boxes can be bottles, cardboard boxes, paper envelopes, etc. See the examples below:

box examples escape room


Another alternative to traditional padlocks are the QR padlocks that I use for my Real Experience Escape Room games that I sell. This way there is no need to spend money on padlocks:

4º - Once you have solved these first steps, it’s time to think about the decorations and objects you can use to hide the puzzles. It is not necessary to buy materials, you can use what you have at home: clothes, shoes, books, trash cans, carpets. The decoration will depend on the theme, for example if it is a Laboratory you can print Biohazard ribbons, labels with Biohazard, danger signs, etc. Below are some examples that I use in my game Virus Outbreak:

escape room at home

5º - For me making the puzzles is the most complex part of the creation of a game. It is where I spend more time but I also like it. You can use some secret codes, separate puzzle pieces and when completed they give a code. That is using your imagination freely. Remember that the puzzles should be suitable for the age and difficulty you would like to create. Check some free puzzles. 

6º - Once everything is ready, you must create the chronological structure of how the clues must be found, and the boxes must be open one by one until you discover the last clue that should be contained in the solution of the mystery.

7º - Now that you have everything you need to set up the room, choose some music that creates the atmosphere. And get ready to have fun!

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