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Print and Play Escape Room: The Virus Escape Room Game

Easy Setup: Print, Cut, Play!

Print and Play Escape Room Kit you just have to buy, cut out and play immediately. Not much preparation is needed, or other extra materials. You just print, cut out and put all the printed materials mixed together on a table with the players around it. And have fun!

Who is it for?

This Virus Escape Room game is ideal for ages 12 and up.

Difficulty Level

Intermediate, designed for players over 12 and adults and families looking for a slightly challenging game.

Team Size

This escape game was designed for one team of a maximum of 6 people. If you have a large group, why not break into teams and see who can solve the game the fastest?

Game Duration

This lasts approximately 30-60 minutes. Based on players’ experience and skills

Customer Video

A video sent by kind customers of their children playing one of my games:

Story: Stop the Outbreak

Stop the outbreak. Find the antidote. Save the world.

A deadly virus is taking over the world. You and your team entered a secret biological lab that may have already found the cure. As you enter the laboratory, you were exposed to the biological virus.

Now you only have one option: find the antidote in less than an hour before the damage is irreversible.

Work together, explore the secret laboratory, and find the cure.

Real Experience Escape Room Options

If you are looking to set up a Real Experience Escape Room at home where you have to look for hidden clues and open locks, we have these options:

What You Will Receive

Instructions and Game

Tips to Help if You Get Stuck



A color printer or printing service.

Scissors are essential.

A cellphone or computer with an internet connection.

20 minutes to set up the game and get ready.

How It Works

After payment, we will email the PDF for you to print and play. Download your files. Print at home or take the files to your local printer, or upload them to an online printing service. Have fun.

Need More Help?

Get in touch, I'm happy to try to resolve any questions or issues for you.

Thank you from Maria Morais

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