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Locked Secrets Escape Room Bundle 🔐

Unlock thrilling adventures and unravel mysterious tales with our premier bundle of escape room challenges! Dive into a world of cryptic clues, captivating stories, and complex characters. Whether you're racing against time, searching for a life-saving cure, or unveiling dark secrets, there's a game here to captivate every mind.

🕯️ Manor Mysterium:

Plunge into the haunting Manor Mysterium, where the suspicious death of Reginald Ashford beckons. As elite detectives, sift through clues, interrogate intriguing characters, and uncover the truth behind a chilling poisoning.

🕰️ Time Stopped:

The world stands still, trapped in perpetual daylight by Dr. Page's daring experiment. Your mission? Break into his hidden base, decode the 8-digit time machine, and restore time's natural flow.

🦠 Stop the Outbreak:

The clock's ticking as a menacing virus engulfs humanity. Inside a hidden lab lies the potential antidote — and your team's only hope. Discover the cure within an hour or face irreversible consequences.

Seize this bundle and immerse yourself in exhilarating tales of suspense, challenge, and discovery.

💼 Locked Secrets Escape Room Bundle - Where every secret has a story.

Dive deep into these gripping quests and connect with the stories as you unravel the secrets, ensuring a memorable time for everyone involved.

Perfect for solo strategists, cooperative teams, or larger groups. No more waiting for shipping!

🎬 Discover How to Play with Our Tutorial Videos! 🎬

🏰 The Secrets of Manor Mysterium:

Dive into the eerie manor and master the game with our step-by-step guide: Watch Here

🦠 Virus Outbreak & Time Stopped:

Dive into the tutorial here: Watch Here


👉 Load the game scenarios using a PDF reader. Access them on your device or print them out for a tangible group experience.


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