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Murder Mystery Escape Room Printable Game Kit - The Secrets of Manor Mysterium

Watch the video to see how to play:

Journey deep into the captivating corridors of Manor Mysterium without ever leaving home. Once the esteemed dwelling of Reginald Ashford, known for his unique collection of arcane artifacts, his untimely and mysterious death has turned the manor into a tangled web of secrets and enigmas. Now, with this digital, printable game, the mysteries of the mansion are at your fingertips to decipher.

Do You Have the Guts to Solve The Secrets?

Delve into a haunting narrative bursting with cryptic messages, concealed clues, and puzzling personalities. From Agnes, the enigmatic housekeeper, to Rupert, the meticulous butler, the mansion beckons with tales and riddles. As an elite detective, it's your mission to peel back the layers and illuminate the shadowy truth hidden within.

Experience the Secrets of Manor Mysterium

Tailored for enthusiasts aged 12 and above.

Engage in a gripping gameplay ranging from 30-70 minutes.

Designed for a team of up to 6. Hosting a larger group? Print more copies and engage in a detective duel!

Save 30% by purchasing our bundle with 3 games:

Simply download, print, and immerse in the mysteries of the manor!

Your Digital Detective Kit contains 3 PDFs with:

  • Game instructions
  • Game sheets and hints if you get stuck
  • Solutions

Kickstart Your Adventure:

Pick your preferred payment mode (Both PayPal and major credit/debit cards are accepted, even without a PayPal account!).

After payment, (less than 5 minutes) you will be able to download the files.

Print as per your convenience — all you need is a printer.

Gear up and dive into the mysteries of Manor Mysterium!

Essentials for Your Quest:

For the activities, you'll also need:

  • The basics: glue, scissors, print outs, tape, and a pen.
  • A hint of detective intuition.
  • About 20 minutes of prep time

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product. No physical items will be shipped.

Queries? In Need of Assistance?

Feel free to get in touch. Your seamless mystery-solving experience is our top priority.

Warm Regards,


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