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Thanksgiving Charades Cards Game Printable

Infuse your gatherings with our lively 100 Thanksgiving Charades Printable Game Cards!

In this fun-filled game, players take turns mimicking classic Thanksgiving symbols and activities without uttering a word. It's a race against the clock as they try to make their team guess the right word using only gestures. Expect giggles, smiles, and moments of "aha!".

Ideal for Thanksgiving Gatherings

These cards are ideal for family dinners, neighborhood gatherings, or just an evening filled with heartwarming memories. They're designed to bring everyone together in a mix of creativity and quick thinking, celebrating the essence of Thanksgiving.

Instant Download for Spontaneous Fun

Thanks to our instant download, you can get the game up and running in no time. Why wait for the fun to start? Add our delightful Thanksgiving Charades game cards to your festivities now and make it a day to remember.


  • PDF with 100 printable cards with family-friendly Thanksgiving categories.
  • Blank template cards so you can add your own twists.
  • Clear and simple instructions.
  • Instant access for spontaneous fun.


  • 🧩 Sparks creativity and quick reflexes.
  • 🫂 Encourages teamwork and collaboration.
  • 😁 Guarantees hours of wholesome fun.

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