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Halloween 5 Second Game

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Fun Halloween Easy Games to Play

This 5 Second Battle word scrabble game is perfect for teens and adults who adore Halloween and wordplay. The 5 Second Rule Battle is a party game where players attempt to name three items in under five seconds.

A Fun Experience Awaits You

If you're in search of fun, you've located the ideal game. This Halloween 5 Second challenge is a PowerPoint-based game where players strive to decipher scrambled words. The team amassing the most points emerges victorious.

Software Requirements

PowerPoint 13 or a newer version is necessary. If PowerPoint isn't on your device, procure the freshest Microsoft PowerPoint edition for Mac & PC (benefit from a 30-day FREE trial) here.

Playing Modes

The game is tailored for home computer play, eliminating the need for hard copies. Additionally, it's playable on Zoom or any video-call platform supporting screen sharing. However, compatibility issues arise with Google Slides, Keynote, and mobile phones.

For an optimal experience, dive into the game without preconceived notions or foreknowledge of the game mechanics.

Comprehensive Gaming Package

This game packs everything necessary for a riotous session: auditory effects, revamped visuals, animations, and a group score tracker. It's equipped to guarantee a delightful time.

Instant Download Includes:

  1. Instructions
  2. POWERPOINT GAME with 40 rounds and a scoreboard
  3. POWERPOINT GAME with 40 rounds sans scoreboard


  • Computer coupled with the internet
  • PowerPoint 13 or an updated version

Getting Started

  1. Purchase your game
  2. Retrieve your game files
  3. Boot the game in PowerPoint
  4. Dive in and relish the fun!
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