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FAQs for Printable Escape Room Kits

What is a real experience escape room at home?

Real experience escape room kits are printable games that involve setting up puzzles, clues, and thematic decorations in your own space to create an immersive escape room experience. Players solve a series of puzzles within a set time limit, opening boxes and finding hidden clues to achieve a specific goal, typically "escaping" from the scenario. These kits provide everything needed — instructions, printables, music, QR locks, and solutions — to transform any location into a captivating escape room experience.

Curious to see how our Real Experience Escape Room works? Watch this exciting video of kids enjoying one of our Birthday Escape Room Kits!


How long does it typically take to set up the escape room at home?

Typically, setting up the escape room takes about one hour once you have all the materials ready. This includes printing out the game components, preparing and hiding the boxes, and setting up any decorations and clues around the play area. However, the actual time can vary depending on the complexity of the game and the size of the area where you are setting up. We recommend allowing extra time for your first setup to ensure everything is in place before the players start the game.

How do we explain the game to players? Begin with a briefing to introduce the concept of an escape room, explain the objective (such as solving puzzles to 'escape' or complete a mission), and review the rules. Highlight that the game involves brainpower and teamwork, not physical force.

What is the main goal of the escape room game?

The main goal is to have fun while challenging yourselves with puzzles and clues. Though completing the mission is the ultimate objective, the focus should always be on enjoying the teamwork and problem-solving process.

What is included in the Printable Escape Room Kit?

Each kit includes detailed instructions, game components that you can print at home, decorations, a list of common household items needed, hints, solutions, and themed music suggestions to enhance the experience.

What if I prefer not to buy a padlock? Can I use the QR code lock instead?

Yes, you can use the QR code locks provided in the kit as an alternative to traditional padlocks. Each QR code functions as a digital lock. You will need to print the QR codes included in the kit and attach them to the designated boxes or locations. Players can scan these codes with a free QR-code reader app on their smartphone. This will direct them to a website where they must enter the correct password to "unlock" the clue or box. This digital option eliminates the need for physical locks and adds a modern twist to the escape room experience.

How do I set up the Escape Room in my home?

You’ll receive a list of household items used in the game, such as books, clothes, and mirrors. The setup guide will provide detailed instructions on how to use these items to create the escape room. It’s designed to be simple and uses only items you likely already have at home.

What ages are these escape rooms suitable for?

Our kits come in various themes and difficulty levels, suitable for children, teens, and adults. You can select a kit that best matches the age group and skill level of your players.

How long does it take to play the game?

The average game time varies depending on the kit but typically ranges from 45 minutes to an hour. This can vary based on how quickly players solve the puzzles and how many players are participating.

Can I reuse the escape room kit?

Yes, you can reuse the game components for multiple playthroughs. However, if players are the same, they might already know the solutions to the puzzles. It’s perfect for hosting different groups or donating to a friend!

Do I need special software to print the game materials?

No special software is needed. You can print all materials with a standard PDF reader and a basic printer.

What if players get stuck on a puzzle?

Each kit includes a hint sheet that provides guidance for each lock and puzzle. If you are hosting, offer hints only when necessary. If there is no host, players can refer to the hint sheet themselves.

How many people can play the game?

The game is designed for multiple players, ideally between 3-7, to allow for effective teamwork and puzzle-solving. This escape game is intended for one team of a maximum of 7 players. If you have a larger group, consider breaking into teams and competing to see who can solve the game the fastest. This setup allows for adaptability in group size and adds a competitive element that can enhance the fun and challenge of the game.

How many people can participate in one game?

While the optimal number of players varies by kit, most are designed for 2 to 7 players. This allows for enough collaboration without overcrowding.

Is there customer support if I have trouble setting up?

Yes, we offer customer support via email. Our team is ready to help you ensure your escape room experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Can the game be played outdoors?

Yes, the game is versatile and can be played both indoors and outdoors. Just ensure that the outdoor area has places to hide the game components securely.

How do I start the game once everything is set up?

Once all game pieces are printed, cut out, and prepared, and all objects are hidden as suggested, distribute the first sheet to the players. They should read the story to understand their mission and then start searching for the hidden clues and boxes around the play area.

What should I do if the QR code doesn't prompt for a password after checking it in advance?

If a QR code does not ask for the password during the game due to a previous check, try using a different browser or clear the browser history and cookies on the device used to ensure it prompts for the password.

What if we can't finish the game in time?

Extend Play: Optionally extend the game time if all players agree.

Solution Guide: Use the included solution guide to review answers to unsolved puzzles.

Request Hints: Ask for more hints if a host is present or refer to the hint sheet.

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