Free Escape Room Puzzles - Ideas for escape rooms

Free Escape Room Puzzles - Ideas for escape rooms

Escape room puzzles are a great way to get your mind working. They can be challenging, but also fun.

Check out our recommendations on how to create an Escape Room Experience at home, step by step.


Secret codes are puzzles that you can use in an Escape Room. The codes are a lot of fun and involve all the players because they have to figure out how to decipher the code in order to advance in the game. The FLIPPED code is very interesting because it is an intermediate level puzzle but many times players tend to think that it is more complicated than it seems and they can't solve it so easily. 

See this example:

secret code escape room

escape room puzzle

You can use this free website to create flipped secret codes for your Escape Room.


Escape Room puzzles can have numeric codes or text with a secret message that gives you some information to advance in the game or a riddle. Numeric codes are widely used in escape rooms being necessary to unlock a lock or as part of a more challenging code that has several digits. 

This word puzzle can be used to hide a number. First you have to fill in the words in the boxes and then find the secret code by deciphering the color code at the bottom of the sheet. Click here  to download the game.

 spy puzzle escape room


The TAP CODE cipher uses a grid of letters, 5x5  containing 25. The coordinates (row, column) of the cells of the grid are numbered from 1 to 5 and thus any cell has an quivalent pair of digits (row, column). 

Example: 1,3; 3,5; 1,4; 1,5 =  C O D E

Click here to download the game.


spy escape room


Use this secret code to create your own secret messages in your game, either to give a direction or to reveal a code, let your imagination run wild.

Click here to download the game.

codes for escape room

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