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Bring the Excitement of Family Friendly Feud Into Your Home!

Looking for a way to bring the excitement of the Family Feud game show into your own home? Look no further than our product:

Friendly Feud - Powerpoint Games for Download!

With our automatic scoreboard and all the features of the TV show game, our Friendly Feud game is perfect for family game night, parties, or just a fun night in. Our easy-to-use Powerpoint format means you can start playing right away - no need to wait for shipping or delivery. So why settle for a boring night in when you can bring the fun and excitement of Friendly Feud to your home? Download our game today and get ready for some friendly competition!

Fast Money Round Rules

The Fast Money Round is a thrilling single round played after the normal rounds of the game, involving a winning team and a quick-fire challenge. Here's how it works:

  1. After the normal rounds, the winning team selects two players to step outside the room.
  2. The first player is called back in, and the host asks them the last five questions of the Fast Round. Players get one chance to answer each question.
  3. The host tallies the points for correct answers.
  4. The second player returns with their back to the game to avoid seeing the previous answers and answers the same questions. Duplicate answers prompt a re-guess.
  5. Combining the scores of both players, if the total reaches 200 points, the team wins the ultimate title!

The Fast Round is timed at 30 seconds, adding a layer of excitement and pressure that often leads to humorous responses.

How to Host the Game Show

Effective hosting is key to the success of the game. Here are tips for hosts:

  • Ensure you know the location of the correct answer when revealing it during the game.
  • Print the PDF with the answers, or alternatively, send the PDF to another electronic device (tablet, cellphone) for easy access during the game. This allows you to confirm answers in real-time.
  • Emailing the PDF to yourself is a convenient way to access it on various devices.

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