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Frequently Asked Questions about Printable Escape Rooms

What do I need to start playing a print-and-play escape room?

You'll need a printer to print the game materials, scissors for cutting out game pieces, a pen for solving puzzles, and an internet connection for verifying the final solution. For scanning QR codes, an Android device will require a free QR code reader app, while iOS devices can use the built-in camera app.




How do I prepare the game materials?

After downloading the game, print all the provided materials and use scissors to cut out any necessary pieces according to the instructions. Once cut, shuffle and place the pieces in front of the players to start the game.

What is the first step once the game is set up?

Begin by reading the backstory or introduction on the first sheet provided, normally the one with the QR code. This narrative sets the stage for your escape room adventure and provides context for the puzzles you will solve.

How long does a game typically last?

Most games are designed to be completed in about 60 minutes, but the duration can vary depending on the puzzle difficulty and the players’ experience level.

How do I verify if I've solved the escape room correctly?

After you have all eight digits of the password, enter it on the designated website to verify the solution. You can access this website by scanning a QR code. If the password is correct, the website will confirm your successful escape.

Can I play the game more than once?

Print-and-play escape rooms are generally designed for a single playthrough, as solving the puzzles will usually require marking or cutting the printed materials. However, you can print the game materials again for another round or to play with a different group.

Are there different difficulty levels available?

Yes, we offer escape rooms of various difficulty levels, catering to both beginners and experienced puzzle solvers. Check the game description for its difficulty rating.

Is there an age limit or recommendation for these games?

We recommend escape room games for ages 7 and up due to the complexity of the puzzles, but we also offer games specifically designed for younger players. Please check the recommended age on the game’s description.

Can these games be played solo?

Yes, while these games are designed with groups in mind for a more immersive experience, they can be played solo. The challenge level might increase, but it can be a fun and rewarding experience for individual puzzle enthusiasts.

Do you offer themed escape rooms for special occasions?

Absolutely! We have a variety of themes suitable for different occasions like birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, etc. Check our collection to find the perfect fit for your celebration.

How can I get the best experience out of my print-and-play escape room?

For the best experience, we recommend setting up the game in a spacious area where all players can access the game materials comfortably. Good lighting and a quiet environment can also enhance the gameplay experience.

What should I do if I'm stuck on a puzzle?

Each game includes a set of hints that you can use if you’re stuck. We recommend using these sparingly to keep the game challenging and enjoyable.

How can I purchase and download the games?

Visit our website, browse through our collection, and select the game you’d like to purchase. After checkout, you will receive a link to download the game materials directly in PDF format.

How do I print the games?

To print the games, simply download the PDF file to your computer and print it using your home printer or at a local print shop. Most home printers are capable of producing excellent quality prints that make your games look fantastic.

What do I need to print the games?

You will need a computer with Adobe Reader.

Is Adobe Reader required to print the games?

Yes, Adobe Reader is recommended for viewing and printing our printable games. It ensures that the formatting and graphics are displayed correctly.

How can I get Adobe Reader?

Adobe Reader is available for free download. You can install it by visiting Adobe Reader's official website.

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