Fast Money Round Rules

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Fast round is a single round that is played after the normal rounds are over and there is a winning team.

Game Play

  1. After the normal rounds, the winning team chooses two players to leave the room.
  2. One player comes back in and the host asks him the last five questions of the Fast Round. They only have one chance to answer each question. The host adds up the total for the answers that were correct.
  3. When the second player returns to play he must have his back to the game so that he does not see the previous player's answers.
  4. The second player answers the questions in the same way. If the second player duplicates an answer, they must guess again. The host adds up this person’s total.
  5. If they both combine to get to 200 points, the team is declared the ultimate winner!

The Fast Round is timed 30 seconds, and it really puts people on the spot! You can expect some funny answers.

How to Host the Game Show

It is important that the host knows where the correct answer is when you click the button to reveal the answer. You can print the PDF with the answers or another option is to send the PDF to another electronic device (Tablet or cell phone) to be able to confirm the answers at the time of the game. You can send the PDF to your email and open it on your phone, tablet, or another computer.

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