Free Family Feud PowerPoint  Template

This version has a manual scoreboard. If you are looking for a game with an automatic scoreboard and all the features of a TV Show game, check out our product: FRIENDLY FEUD - POWERPOINT GAMES FOR DOWNLOAD.

To use the scoreboard, you need to enable the MACROS and Editing on PowerPoint.

To Start Playing

Click on “SLIDE SHOW” and then click on “FROM BEGINNING”.

Game Rules

  1. Divide the group into two teams, i.e., by alphabetical order, age, gender, etc.
  2. Decide which team starts first.
  3. Read the question carefully before clicking on the rectangle to make it disappear.
  4. The team playing the game has to guess all the correct answers on the board. If they reveal all the answers, they receive all the points.
  5. If the answer is not on the board click on X. If the team receives three strikes XXX without clearing the board, the other team has the chance to steal the points.
  6. If the second team gives one answer that is found on the board, they get all of the points. If not, the first team gets all the points.
  7. Continue the game by repeating the same steps in each round one team at a time.

This version has a manual scoreboard, press the buttons to collect points. The buttons add or subtract: 10, 5 or use the up or down arrows for +1 or -1 points.

How to Customize

Click on the text and write your own question. Click on the textboxes and write your own answers. You can also change the point values. Watch the video to see how to customize the game.

Download the game for free: FREE FAMILY FEUD TEMPLATE


Free Family Feud Game PowerPoint – Play In-Person or Over Screen-Share

  • ✔Play this PowerPoint game show template on your computer or laptop.
  • ✔Play this free PowerPoint game template on your big screen TV or projector.
  • ✔Screen-share over video chat (You can play Family Feud Game via Zoom, or any screen-share program).

Perfect for any occasion, party, or fun moment. Guaranteed fun!

Family Feud in the Classroom

No matter what you're teaching, sometimes you just need a game to liven things up. Here's an easy-to-play game that can serve to reinforce the subject matter by getting your students involved and having fun while learning.

Family Feud is a game show where contestants try to name things by category. It can be easily adapted for any subject you are teaching which will always be a hit in the classroom.

This Free PowerPoint template is easy to use and customize to create a real Family Feud Game in the classroom.

Family Feud Game for All Occasions

Create your own Family Feud game night with this free Family Feud PowerPoint Template.

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